MovieBox Apk Download

Download MovieBox Apk: MovieBox is a famous streaming as well as entertainment application for both iOS and Android platforms. Same as the Showbox Apk, MovieBox is also a free streaming app for watching full length movies as well as TV Shows in online easily.

It is one of the best apps for the devices which allow the users to stream movies anytime and anywhere they want by having internet connection or mobile data without any interruption. In this application, you can watch TV shows, Hollywood movies at a good speed at anytime you want. By taking the help of the search button provided in the app, you can search for the titles you want and stream them whenever required.

This is a good application available at free of cost for the movie and TV shows lovers. There is no registration required for using this app. You just need to download the app for your Android or iOS device if it is compatible and start streaming the shows or movies you want without buffering. You can watch all the latest releases, melodies music at your free time in just seconds and time pass. The app has lots of other features which make you addicted and they are as follow. So, have a look at those features of the app and download the latest version of the app that is available in the market and MovieBox Alternative ShowBox.


Download MovieBox Apk

Features of MovieBox APK

MovieBox is an amazing entertainment app which can be downloaded and used for different purpose. So, let us have a look at different features of this amazing app.

    • Using this app, you can watch movies without any sign up required or you can also download them for free.
    • All the movies of this app are available in HD quality and they are for free to download.
    • There are many popular Hollywood movies various genres such as Anime, shows cartoons and pictures are available in various categories of the app.
    • For iOS device the MovieBox app will also work on Wi-Fi network.

  • You can review the movies or videos of the app and make comments on them too!
  • The user interface of the app is very clean as well as simple to use.
  • Users can share the movies with their friends and family members on their social networking websites.
  • You can select captions or else the subtitles in the language you want understand the movie or video properly.
  • Using this app is very simple with the simple navigation provided in the app.
  • The app is daily gets updated with new titles daily.
  • You can prefer the quality of the movie you want to stream your favorite movie.
  • Totally the app is available for free!

Download MovieBox for Android – Install MovieBox Apk Latest Version

The users who want to download this MovieBox app for their Android or iOS devices can look for the latest version out there in their official website or in the mirror locations and check for the compatibility of the app with your device. If the device meets the requirements of the app, you can directly download and install the app just as other applications in a simple way following the instructions. Once you install the app, you can start streaming your favorite movie or video with Wi-Fi or mobile data and have a good entertainment in your free time.

So to download the latest version of MovieBox App for Android, you can follow the below process.


Install MovieBox Apk For Android Latest Version 2016

  • First download MovieBox Apk file from here
  • Then transfer your apk file to your smartphone
  • Next click on the MovieBox Apk and install it with double click
  • Wait as the app is now getting installed and finally it shows up in your menu
  • Finally you have installed MovieBox App for your Android device!


Well thanks for reading this guide about Movie Box for Android and its download guide. I am pretty sure you will find it easy to understand and still if you face any questions then post in below comments section.

MovieBox For PC, Laptop | Windows (XP/7/8/10) – Free Download

MovieBox For PC: We all tend to watch movies and TV shows sometimes to get relief from stress and get occupied. In such case it gets even trickier to find a source to watch TV shows online. So, we will show you how to download MovieBox App for PC, so that you can stream and watch new movies right from your Windows Desktop and laptop without any hustle. So you will be able to use MovieBox On PC with this guide easily.

You might have heard about MovieBox app already, but let me pitch some more details and glance over what app portrayal. MovieBox is an entertainment based mobile app which is released for IOS operating platform only. But In this post we will show you how to download and install MovieBox for PC Windows using an emulator.

MovieBox For PC | Windows (XP/7/8/10) – Download

MovieBox For PCYou and I might like Movies but some like TV Shows where MovieBox comes in handy, as it has tons of New and old collection of shows and movies to watch. You can search for your favorite movie or show using search bar and stream it directly. You can select between 720p and 1080p HD version, or else save the title to “My Favorite” list to watch later. Well enough of this review why not get in download stuff directly.

Features for MovieBox App

Here are some interesting points of MovieBox which are mostly searched by the users.

  • Movie box is a great App by which you can download your favorite movies.
  • You can enjoy movies by downloading them to stream in offline mode
  • Movie box saves your time as you can download the new movies instantly
  • keep favorite videos, music and movies in your favorite playlist
  • You can see the cast and crew members of movies before you stream it
  • Watch the movie in your native language
  • Here in this App after watching movies you can rate them too
  • You can get new and as well as old movie collection in Genre or by year

How to download Movie box For PC:

MovieBox is a great app that was been used by Smartphone users to enjoy free movie, music, video and TV series. As we already know that this is an Android and IOS based app which can’t be installed on Windows PC/Laptop directly. But not to worry as we have got the guide to download Movie Box on PC using an Android to PC emulator. Bluestacks is an Emulator which will download as well installs this Android Based app on PC windows. Follow the below given instruction to download the Movie Box app in your PC/Laptop Windows.


MovieBox App

Note: To Run Movie box On PC you need to have its Ask file in your PC first.

  • Step1: Download Bluestacks Emulator in your PC/Laptop from this link
  • Step2: Now move downloaded file to free space drive and install it here
  • Step3: Go to your browser and search for Movie Box App Ask file or directly download it
  • Step4: Same move the downloaded file to a drive having free space
  • Step5: Right Click on the Movie Box apk file and select the Open With option
  • Step6: Scroll down and select Bluestacks Emulator to Open With
  • Step7: In few seconds the App will be installed and will be loaded in your Bluestacks Apps menu

Open MovieBox from Bluestacks menu and start listing to your favorite music, video, TV series videos and movies for free. Make sure you have empty space in your drive which wills you to stream the videos easily using this browser.

MovieBox For iOS

Moviebox is an app where you can watch any movie and television show for free. It is similar to Xbmc app.This movies app works best for Apple iOS and you can download MovieBox For IOS from this guide.

Moviebox displays all the recently added movies, television programs and music videos. To use Movie box all you have to do is search the movie or show that you want to watch and click on it. There are options for quality so you can select the quality and view the movie. The same applies for shows; the list of shows and seasons is given as soon as you open the TV programs page.

MovieBox App For iOS, iPhone/iPad – Download


How To Use MovieBox For IOS – How To Install MovieBox On IOS Without Jailbreak

You simply have to scroll down or search specific movies that you want to see and it will be available. Movie Box always updates itself, so it is very likely that you will find your favorite shows on there. The best part is that all of it is available for free. We must mention that your phone need not be jailbreaked for these downloads mentioned in this article.

How to download Moviebox for iPhone iPad IOS Without Jailbreak

We will list down a few ways by which you can download moviebox app. It is important to mention that a new method to download moviebox will be released with every ios update. So you will have to check for yourself which of these methods still applies. To our knowledge, we have provided the most used, popular and common options to the reader. Finally, all the methods provided below do not require jail break.

For the first method-

  • Visit website from your iPhone
  • Now that this site has opened, you shouldtap the button on the left that says “Download (Unjailbroken)”
  • You will see that a message pop up appears which will ask for your permission to install vShare. You have to Tap “Install.”
  • Because of this, vShare app will get installed in your phone, open it and tap “Trust.”
  • Here you will need to go to this app and search in it for movie box app.
  • Now that you have found the app you just need to tap the Install button and movie box will start downloading. It will also start installing in your phone. If it won’t download then you will have to click on the download option given in the app.
  • Then you will be able to see that moviebox has been installed on your phone, it might appear on your home screen. All you have to do then is to open moviebox and tap on ‘Trust’

We will provide you with another method which seems to work

Download MovieBox for iOS Directly

  • For this second method you will have to do different steps as compared to the previous one. You have to go to Settings. In settings, select General and then Date& Time and change the date to September 16. Supposedly, according to many users, it is this change of date which allows the download.
  • Now go to the safari and go to this link
  • All you have to do is tap the green button to download to MovieBox. Once you openMovieBox, go back to your phone settings and put your date and time on Automatic. This will give you the current time and date once again.

Third Method- Install MovieBox On IOS Using Cydia

  • Downloading through Cydia- You have to download and install Cydia app first. Open the app and go to ‘Sources’.
Download-And-Install-MovieBox-Apk-AAndroid Latest Version 2016ndroid-2016

MovieBox For iOS

  • There will be a list displayed. You have to click on edit. The source is called Click on ‘Add Anyways’.
  • It will install and when it finishes you have an option to return to Cydia. You will be able to view the repository. Open it and search for movie box by scrolling down. When you find movie box, click on it and then on ‘Install’. Click on confirm.
  • It will take a few minutes for it to download and install. Then when that is finished, you return to Cydia and check your home screen. Moviebox app will be successfully downloaded to your phone.

Download and Install MovieBox for iOS Using Safari Browser

  • Firstly open website Safari and type in the url When you open it, you have to click on install and enter your passcode. You will find that the website is added to your home screen. Now open the site and refresh it once.
  • On the page you will see and arrow to the bottom left. Click on that arrow. You will see a list of apps. The color indicated will inform you of the nature of the app.
  • The apps having a green line mean that they will work on any ios device. When you see movie box app, you just have to click on it and install it.

If in case you already have Moviebox and you want to update it, you have to remove the old version by uninstalling it from Cydia. You will now need to go back to the Repository and install Moviebox again.

Please Note– One basic debate has remained regarding Moviebox is whether it is legal or not.This app is not available on app store. If we want to download it we have to go to apps like Cydia and sites like Safari. Basically the owners of the app upload their app to such different websites so that people can download the app. They also have permission from Apple to run movie box on its phones and other products. Many users and reviewers commented that the app is illegal for a number of reasons. It is obvious that if you are able to view copyrighted movies, music videos as well as television shows without permission of owners and absolutely free of cost, then something is off.

It is possible that these options given to you may not be valid for all versions of ios, especially the most latest ones. So you can try these out for ios versions 9 or less. We suggest caution and also would like to mention that there exist other and more legal options to use Moviebox however those require some payment.